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Cheerwe Telecom Provide a Full Range Products of FTTH Solution, FTTB+LAN Solutions, FTTB+DSL Solutions, FTTN+DSL Solutions. We have Plastic Injection Plant and Assembly Plant in Chenzhou.
NINGBO CHEERWE TELECOM CO.,LTD  is one of the largest telecommunication equipments manufactories in China. It was founded in the beginning of 1990s, based in Ningbo, southeastern China, and currently has employees over 300.With more than 15 years experiences in producing telecommunications Cabling Systems.
We Provide Fiber Optical Central Office and OLT Office, Fiber Distribution Indoor and Outdoor Distribution, Fiber optic splice Closure, and Copper OLT Frame, OSP (Outside Plant Copper) Solutions.
.As A Global Leading Telecom Cable Distribution Supplier, We have full experience to produce full range of Copper Connectivity and Fiber Connectivity products. We exported our products to Different countries and different Telecom operating Company as Telefonica, Saudi Telecom, Tricom etc.