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High Capacity Main Distribution Frame in OLT and Building Distribution


For FTTB Connection Indoor Using(OLT Office Distribution)
Installed With 10 Pair IDC module For  Copper Connectivity Distributions
•Material:Cold Rolled Steel Material For the Frame
•Item No.:CWMDF2006
•The Frame in the photo is designed for the 10 Pair disconnection Module,10 Pair Module 10pcs For100 pair MDF Terminal Blocks and 8Pcs Module 16Pcs128 pair Testing Blocks.
•,Also Assembled With OverVoltage and OverCurent Protection system.
•FTTB Applications, using related Telecom Copper Cable Cat5e UTP or FTP.
•Copper Cable Go with Fiber Optical Cable and Distributed in the Floor.
Capacity:3000 Pair-4000Pair
Reliable quality and Easy to operate comparing to FTTH Solutions.