Optical Fiber Connection Components

PLC Singlemode optical splitter


PLC Singlemode optical splitter 1x2, 900 (MU)m LT
For FTTH Connection Optical Fiber Splitter
Could be Installed in Indoor Floor Fiber Optic Splitter and Outdoor PLC Box
Cable Type: Loose Tube
Connector Input: SC/APC
Connector Output: SC/APC
Fiber Type Input: 900 µm loose tube
Fiber Type Output: 900 µm loose tube
Grade: Standard
Input Length: 1.5 meter
Number of Ports: 1x2
Output Length: 1.5 meter
Pigtail Length (Input / Output): 1.5 meter
Splitter Type: Planar Light Circuit
Tray or Cassette: None
•Connector could also be SC/PC FC/PC
•Pigtail Length would be as your demand.