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Fiber Optic Splice Patch Panels Enclosures Shelves CWFSC-12F96

12-24-36-48-72-96 core Fiber Optic Termination Splice Panels, 12-24-36-48-72-96 core Fiber Patch Splicing Panels, Fiber Optic Splice Patch Panels Enclosures Shelves CWFSC-12F96

Modular designed for 19" standard optical distribution frame,
Splice and distribution modules are inserted inside
Each module has reliable position guiding devices
Modules can be pulled out from the unit
Small size
Capacity of up to 96 ports
Fiber bend radius control - > 40mm
Rack Mount Splice Distribution Enclosure


Termination/Patch Plate Swing Out,and Patch/Splice Tray could be Pull Out.

Pigtails could be spliced inside Tray.

Termination/Patch Enclosure is Seperated to the Splicing Enclosure.

For Fiber Splicing/Patching.19 Inch Rack Available.

Advantage:Easy to Operate/Highdensity for Fiber Splice Terminations.

Order Informations:

CWFSC-12F12 12 Core

CWFSC-12F24 24 Core

CWFSC-12F36 36 Core

CWFSC-12F48 48 Core

CWFSC-12F72 72 Core

CWFSC-12F96 96 Core


Order Pigtails/Adapters,Please ask us for more Informations.