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Fiber Optic Splice Panels

12-24-48-72-96 core Fiber Optic Splice Panels, 12-24-48-72-96 core Fiber Splicing Panels, Fiber Optic Splice Panels Enclosures Shelves

This is a rack mountable fiber splice panel designed to accomodate up to 96 Cord Single fiber Splicing ( standard density) and up to 144 single fusion splices. It provides a compact and versatile method of splicing and connectivity. Standard panels are available in empty, loaded and unloaded versions. Unloaded panels include adapter plates, adapters and splice drawers. Loaded panels also include pigtails.


Shelve Pull Out,and Splice Tray could be Swinged one by one.

For Fiber Splicing Only.19 Inch Rack Available.

Order Informations:

CWFSC-10F12 12 Core

CWFSC-10F24 24 Core

CWFSC-10F48 48 Core

CWFSC-10F72 72 Core

CWFSC-10F96 96 Core


Order Pigtails/Adapters,Please ask us for more Informations.