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CWOF02-FL2000 Fiber Distribution Frames, High Density Fiber Distribution Frames

CWOF02-FL2000 Fiber Distribution Frames, High Density Fiber Distribution Frames, Optical Distribution Frames, High-Density Fiber Distribution Frames

CWOF02-FL2000 Optical Fiber Distribution Frame is a High Capacity optical fiber distribution frame suitable for the transmission of intraoffice networks, with compact structure and reasonable design.It can be used in any machine rooms.
Description For Termination Panels and Splicing Panels:
1) .Termination Panels is seperated from Splicing Panels
2) .High Capacity Fiber Splicing and Termination Installing
3) .Design For FL2000 Termination Panel: 24, 48, 72, 96 Fiber Capacity
4) .Design For FL2000 Splicing Panel: 24, 48, 72, 96 Fiber Capacity
5) .Using CW FL2000 Style Splicing Mold, Plastic Splicing Casettee-24 Cord Fiber Splicing, CW FL2000 Splice Wheel-12 Cord Splicing Fiber Capacity
Ï Adopts the international standard 19" frame , enclosed type structure.
Ï Applys single side frontal access to enable upper or lower lead-in.
Ï The frame can be installed against the wall or back to back, facilitates paralleling layout and wire feeding among racks.
Ï Modular unit box with internal drawer tray integrates distribution and fusing in a tray.
Ï The angle between the adaptor and the connecting unit face is 30° .That not only ensures the curvature radius of fiber but also prevents the eyes from being hurted during optical transmission.
Ï With reliable devices for optical fiber cable stripping, storing, fixing and grounding.
Ï Operating temp: -5

 ^ + 40

Ï Relative humidity: d85% ( + 30

Ï Atmosphere pressure: 70^ 106Kpa
Ï Insulating resistance: e1000M© / 500V
Ï Compressive resistance: ‑ 3000V( DC) 1 min without breakdown and flashover
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