Fiber Optic Central Office Solutions



The frame is made from good quality stainless steel and deformed aluminum alloy
and treated with galvanizing, oxidation and plastics spraying workmanship with solid
structure and pleasing appearance.
●Fully-closed structure with the advantages of good performance of dust-proof, pleasing
and neat appearance. There is enough fiber distribution, storage space, adequate semicircle
fiber hanging hooks and fiber winding trays so as to facilitate management and operation.
●Big capacity and high density: 7~10 optical cables can be inlet with a capacity of 72 cores/unit, 864 cores (12 units)/frame (2600 mm high).
●Fully operated at front, convenient maintenance.
●Curvature radius 40 mm.
●Cable inlet device can be at the top or the bottom of the frame subject to different
inlet way of cable. It is suitable for both common cable and ribbon type cable. There
are reliable cable fixture cover and earth protection device.
●12-core integrated splice and distribution module is adopted. Fiber separation hook can be disassembled so as to fit for both wide and narrow structure frame. It is suitable for FC or SC adapter. The installed adapter is 40 inclining to operation surface to facilitate installation and protect eyes.
●Puu-out-and-push-in worktable is provided for convenient operation.
●Plastics is of flame-retardant material.

12/24 Core Rack Mount Enclosure Available

Splice and Distribution Unit

●Each unit accommodates 6 pieces of 12-core integrated splice and distribution module with a capacity of 72 cores.
●Reliable position and limit device is provided for the module in the unit. The module can be removed out of unit for easy operation and maintenance.
●Distinct fiber number label is provided.
●Unit design without unit door.
●One worktable is provided if one unit reaches 6 pieces of 12-core integrated modules for splice and distribution.
●Removable fiber separation hook is provided for integrated module for user to select.

Optical Cable Inlet Unit

●Optical cable inlet unit is used for cable fixture and earth protection for cable reinforcement.
●The inlet unit can be mounted either at the top or the bottom of the frame with the advantage of flexible configuration.
●Several kinds of optical cable fixture protection devices are provided for selection (two categories: under or above 144 cores).


2600*900*300mm(H*W*D), 72 Cord/Termination Unit, 864 Cods(12 Units)

2200*900*300mm(H*W*D), 72 Cord/Termination Unit, 576 Cods(8 Units)

2000*900*300mm(H*W*D), 72 Cord/Termination Unit, 504 Cods(7 Units)