Outside plant Copper Cable Splicing and Connection

Copper Cable splice connector

UY connectors,UG Connectors,UY2 Connectors,UR Connectors



Product Feature
as a leading manufacturer of "Cable Splicing Connectors", The product application is for "Jointing of Telephone Cables in the Telephone Network" and demands high quality performance. The cables are laid either Underground or Aerial. Normally these are purchased through tendering by the Govt or Private Telephone Operating Companies. Our Product range includes, 1. Single Wire connectors a) Straight splicing - UY; UY2(2 wire); UR; UR2 (3 wire) etc. b) Tap Splicing - UB; UB2; UG. 2. Full Pair connectors a) UY4 C - for splicing one full pair line wire. (equivalent to 709 of AT&T; 3M do not have this product) b) UDW 2 - Drop wire jointing connector. 3. Multipair connectors: a) Straight Tap connector (25 and 10 Pair) b) Half Tap connectors (25 and 10 pair) c) Pluggable connectors(25 and 10 pair) d) Sealant boxes (25 and 10 pair) 4. Splicing & Crimping tool: a) 25 Pair Hydraulic Crimping & Splicing Rig. b) 10 Pair Mechanical Light Weight Rig. We currently export these products to various countries including, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, USA, France, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, Thailand, South Korea etc. We have product approvals from several countries and also from Bellcore lab USA. Besides Cable Splicing Connectors