Outside Plant Copper Cable Termination and Distribution

STUB BOX 10 Pair 20 Pair Terminal Box with Cable

STUB box,DP box, User distributive boxings with the stabilized cable,10 Pair 20 Pair Terminal Box with Cable



Description:Boxing is intended for the end fitting of distribution cables and their joint with the pairs of the subscriber lines.

The modular system of the connection of family CW VX is intended for purposes at the point of the commutation of cables and makes possible to provide the selective protective system of pairs by applying the insertable modules of surge protection, from the flow of heavy currents or from the focusings in the specific frequency band. The guarantee of a possibility of remote control of capacity is the different version.

Boxing consists of housing and cover, and also built-in device of the end fitting of the cable, which contains stabilized cable.

The construction of the housing of boxing provides the possibility of its wall installation. The construction of the cover of boxing provides the possibility of its fixation with the opening before any position, which can be selected on the basis of the existing working space. Cover is equipped for the sake of annular rubber packing for averting the penetration of moisture on its joint with the base of housing. The base of housing is equipped for the sake of stuffing boxes for the introduction beside the boxing of the distributive wires (2 stuffing boxes down 2 wires each for the boxing down the small capacity and 2 stuffing boxes down 4 wires each for the boxing with capacity as far as 21 pair and higher).

The locking mechanism of boxing is build it the device of the end fitting, equipped for the sake of stabilized cable, and ensures the reliability of the cutoff of the cover of boxing. The triggering of locking mechanism is produced as far as special key or screwdriver, depending on the type of the larva of lock.

The device of the end fitting with the stabilized cable, made in the form of separate article, is attached down the boxing for the sake of screw connection. It can be prepared down the capacity from 5 to 20 pairs, with the step of a change in the capacity, equal to 5 pairs, and it can also provide for the end fitting of control (official) pairs.

The elements of grounding each pair are electrically connected with the screen of cable and with the element of the connection of external grounding. Hermetic sealing the unit of the end fitting of stabilized cable is executed by filling for the sake of epoxy resin, hermetic sealing the introduction of stabilized cable beside the base of the housing of boxing is performed by the heat-shrinkable tubing.








10 pairs




20 pairs




Technical characteristics

Characteristics of the contact connection
Connector of the distributive wire


Range of the section:

diameter 0,4… 1,2 mm

Diameter on the isolation:

it is maximal 5 mm

The current-response characteristics:

20 A(10 A on each conductor) during not less than 10 min, without the deformation of the module

Insulation resistance *


“Dry” atmosphere:

> 10 12 Ohm

“Moist” atmosphere (standard ASTM Of d618, procedure F):

> 10 12[Om]

Salt fog: (standard ASTM Of b117)

> 10 10 Ohm

Immersion beside the water: (15 days before 3% solution Of naCI)

> 10 10 0[m]

The contact resistance


R of material + R of the contact cross connection + by R of the contact connection of the wires

< 10 m

Increase in the contact resistance


After climatic testings:

<2,5 m 

After 50 connections - turning offs:

<2,5 m

Dielectric strength:

>3 kV of direct current during 1 minute

Mechanical characteristics



Polycarbonate, color RAL 7035


Polycarbonate, color RAL 7035

Padding of the cover:

Neoprene rubber, the black color

Heat-shrinkable tubing:

Polyethylene with the adhesive sublayer

Screw of the connection of the distributive wire:

Special alloy Of zamac, [passivirovannyy], with the paint and varnish coat

Housing of the unit of the connection of the distributive wire:

Transparent polycarbonate


Polycarbonate, glass-reinforced, resistance to fire “VO”

Fitted contacts:

Tinplated phosphor bronze

Contacts of the grounding:

Alloy of SI - Zn - Ni - Ag

Contacts of the connection:

Tinplated solid bronze

Sealing material before the lower part:

The epoxy resin

Sealing material before the upper cable part:

Silicon compound

Cover of the pair of the distributive wire:


Housing of the insertable module:

Polycarbonate, glass-reinforced, resistance to fire “VO”

Sealing material of the insertable module:


The ring gasket:

Elastomer EPDM

Stuffing box:

Elastomer EPDM

Cable laying is/the user wire

Thermoplastic rubber