Copper Connectivity in Floor Connection

800 Pair Main Distribution Box ForDisconnection Module

800 Pair Main Distribution Box ForDisconnection Module(Main Distribution Cabinet)

800 Pair Cold Rolled Steel Floor Box For Disconnection Module

(Item No.:CW-5001)



1)The series connection boxes offer increased pair capacity while maintaining an industry footprint.
2)The stainless steel backmount frame verticals support Krone type IDC strip giving a nomal capacity of 340,680 or 1020pair depending on the model.
3)A unique feature of the grange allows on extra 5way backmount to fitted under the standard verticals increasing the capacities to a room 390,780 or 1170pairs.
4)The door opens through a full 180 for easy of access,it can be removed entirely using quick release hinges and is easily reversed for left-right opening applications.
1)Industry standard footpring.
2)Extra backmounts increase capacity by up to 15%.
3)Jumper rings for tidy cable management.
4)Large document pocket inside door for system records.
5)Wall mounting template supplied.