Copper Connectivity in Floor Connection

25 Pair Cat5e Module High Desnity

  25-Pair FT (Feed Through) Module(ITEM NUMBER:CW-1014)

25 Pair Cat5e Module High Desnity



25 Pair, High Density Module
The FT Module is a two piece assembly, consisting of a base and a connector.
The module may be used in a variety of applications, but isespecially suited for BD and FD cross-connect fields where high density termination of voice and or data is essential.
KRONE's solution employs a contact design which feeds the signal straight through the module for a solid, reliable connection.



Mounting Frame For 25-Pair FT (Feed Through) Module(ITEM NUMBERCW-1014)

CW-1014-200:200 PAIR 245*169*58MM

CW-1014-250:250 PAIR 295*169*58MM

CW-1014-300:300 PAIR 345*169*58MM

CW-1014-400:400 PAIR 445*169*58MM

CW-1014-500:500 PAIR 545*169*58MM

CW-1014-600:600 PAIR 645*169*58MM

CW-1014-800:200 PAIR 845*169*58MM


Usage:Used in the Floor Box,a part of FTTB+DSL Solutions,

Provide end transmission of Cat5e Data.

Easy to Operate and Punching cable